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Our mission

We have a dream that one day, everyone will have equal access to information on the Internet and in electronic documents. People, who rely on assistive technologies will also be able to process, navigate, communicate, partake in and share information. That one day, every published document – website and PDF – will be accessible to people with disabilities, which guarantees usefulness for everyone in different situations.

The government and the authorities are trying to establish the right to use any public service, regardless of the competence arising from legal requirements. The growing number of available litigations is proof, that much needs to be done to achieve this goal.
We have a dream that one day we will have barrier-free internet.
And we have this dream today!

DoqUA team, 2018
(inspired by Martinom Lutherom Kingom, Jr. 28th of August 1963)

About DoqUA

At DoqUA, we focus on making digital content, especially documents in pdf format accessible not only for people with disabilities. We are helping organizations, institutions, companies with setting up processes and tools in a way, which makes access to information quick, efficient, affordable, secure, and following the latest applicable legislation and technical standards.

We are working with world-renowned experts, who have experience with PDF since 1999. Through them, we have an impact on the creation of ISO standards in the field of PDS and accessibility. We are working with the latest information, which emerges as a consensus of views from organizations dedicated to accessibility in the world. Recently, we’ve expanded our activities to include other document formats, websites, and mobile applications to provide a complex solution, which meets your accessibility requirements in accordance with WCAG, PDF/UA, and section 508.

We know how complicated and expensive it can be to meet the strict requirements put on accessible content. That is why we’ve developed our own software tools, SDKs that are specially designed for automatic, as well as manual editing of documents and validation. We’ll take on the responsibility for converting and editing documents into the required form before publication. Automated and manual remediation services can take place with us, but also in your environment. We will train your employees, equip you with all tools and necessary know-how.

We cooperate with companies

PDF Association

PDF association is an organization based in Berlin, Germany with employees all over Europe, the USA, and Australia. Its goal is the cooperation between members of the organization – companies, and individuals, who are actively educated and mutually supported in the development and use of PDF technology.

The membership base includes companies, businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and individual consultants from over 20 countries worldwide.


PDFix offers a powerful PDF SDK with a primary focus on logically extracting the content and adding structure to PDF documents.

With more than 20 years of experience working with PDF, the company has introduced a completely new outlook on PDF. Their recognition algorithm can convert any PDF to a logically structured document and improve the readability, usability, and accessibility of the PDF.

DoqUA team

Boris Kraus

Chief Executive Officer
+421 905 210 110

Alan Fiebig

Chief Commercial Officer
+421 949 824 599

Roman Toda

Senior Technical Lead

Lukáš Koprivňanský

Software developer

Annamária Lukáčová

Client relationship manager